Walton, John and Susan

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Walton, John and Susan

Dates recorded for being in Berrima:


Occupation if known and land ownership:



Arrived Free

The only evidence and information that John Walton and wife, Susan Reece, were in Berrima is their marriage. This was at Sutton Forest on 8 October 1839 where both are referred to as ‘of Berrima’ Confirming this is that the witnesses were Michael and Jane Doyle, owners of the Mail Coach Inn.[1] A newspaper announcement of their wedding says Susan is ‘late of Launceston’.[2] The placing of this notice suggests they were reasonably affluent.

Through a number of links it seems probable that this is the same John Walton who Ann Richards hired to brew beer at her Goulburn property, following the death of her husband. The brewery was located at the coaching inn in the old town, adjacent to the river – now known as Riversdale.[3] In an advertisement heading ‘Goulburn, Berrima and Yass’ the Ann Richards assures customers that she will continue managing the coaching business of her late husband, and praises the produce of her Goulburn brewery which is under the ‘superintendence of a qualified person’. The booking offices for the Sydney to Yass coaches are Michael Doyle at Berrima’s Mail Coach Inn and J Walton at the Goulburn brewery.[4]

The only person that might fit Waltons’ profile is the one for a ‘John Walton Esq.’ who arrived in cabin class on the Upton Castle in February 1838 but no proof of this has been found to date.[5]


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