Splatt, Thomas and Rebecca

Full name:

Splatt, Thomas and Rebecca

Dates recorded for being in Berrima:


Occupation if known and land ownership:




The Splatt’s are referred to as residents of Berrima when, in April 1837, they are witnesses at the wedding of James Wellings and Catherine Buckland. Unfortunately, Splatt was to die later in 1837, aged only 36, and his burial record states he was a brickmaker.[1]

Thomas, arrived on the Mary 2 in 1822 to serve a seven-year sentence. He was a labourer from London and in 1822 he is listed as a part of road party in the Cawder (Camden) district. He possibly received his ticket of leave in 1825 while on government service in Bathurst but certainly received his certificate of freedom in 1828.[2] There is a Rebecca Bishop married to a Thomas Splatt in 1835 in the Maitland district but this may or may not be the same Thomas.[3]

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