Gulstone (Gulston), Horatio Robert Maydwell, Lieut

Full name:

Gulstone (Gulston), Horatio Robert Maydwell, Lieut

Dates recorded for being in Berrima:

May-August 1838

Occupation if known and land ownership:

Superintendent of Convicts



Lieutenant Gulstone arrived in Sydney in 1837 on board the Blenheim. Gulstone, plus 30 rank and file soldiers of the 80th Regiment of Foot (Staffordshire Volunteers) plus four women and five children had accompanied convicts from England, disembarking them in Tasmania.[1]

In April 1838 he was sent to Berrima:

His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to appoint-Lieut. Horatio Robert Maydwell Gulstone, and Lieut. James Deaves Morris, both of the 80th Regiment of Foot, to be Assistant Engineers and Superintendents of Ironed Gangs, the former at Berrima, and the latter at Seventeen-Mile Hollow.[2]

He was not to stay long; in August that year he was replaced by the Hon. William A S Foster. Was he the Superintendent who had opted to live in the township away from his men?

In October that year he purchased the position of captain and in 1839 was mentioned as accompanying convicts to Norfolk Island.[3],[4] He is listed on the 1841 census as being in Paramatta but by May of 1841 had left the colony for London.[5] He resigned his commission later that year.[6]

Who he was is not known. He purchased a commission as ensign in 1832.[7]

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