Fawcett, William

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Fawcett, William

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Fawcett, William

William Fawcett was listed as a constable in Berrima in 1841 and as a free person. Assuming he had originally been a convict he is most likely the man who arrived on the Larkins in 1828 and received his conditional pardon in 1836. [1]

His certificate of freedom tells us he was born in 1794, was from Cork in Ireland and transported for seven years for stealing a watch.[2]

How he came to be a constable is difficult to understand. In 1838 he had been charged in Berrima on two counts by the police magistrate Frederick C L Thompson. On one count he was found not guilty, on the other, that of larceny, he was found guilty and sentenced to three months in Liverpool Gaol.[3]

He was removed as constable in 1842.

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