Dun, Phillip

Full name:

Dun, Phillip

Dates recorded for being in Berrima:

1841 - ?

Occupation if known and land ownership:



Arrived Free

No trace of Philip Dun has been found other than the information supplied by the 1841 Census. He was a single man aged between 21 and 45 living in a stone or brick cottage in Wingecarribee Street. He had arrived free in the colony and was a ‘Mechanic or Artificer’ (tradesman). Living in the same house was another man, in the same age group, also single, an assigned convict and listed as a domestic servant. Both were Catholics.

The only mention that might be linked to this man is the donation by him of £2 to the building of a Catholic Church in Berrima in 1841. This is not an insubstantial donation and the fact he had an assigned convict in his employ does suggest a man of some standing. [1]

But no records relating to this person can be found.

[1] Australasian Chronicle, August 27 1841