Brennan, Michael

Full name:

Brennan, Michael

Dates recorded for being in Berrima:

1841 - ?

Occupation if known and land ownership:

Owner of allotment



Michael Brennan was one of three ex-soldiers from the in the 28th Regiment of Foot, the Royal Gloucester’s, who purchased land along what was then called the Bong Bong Road, south of the river, in 1841.[1] The others were Daniel Burgoyne and John Barlow. Henry Forster, the townships gaoler who also retired from the 28th Regiment of Foot, purchased six allotments, also south of the river.

Brennan came from Boyle, County Roscommon, in Ireland – as did John Barlow and they were discharged at the same time on 31st August 1841.[2] Brennan had arrived in the colony on 31st August 1836 on the Boyle, having then served with the regiment for eleven years.

He presumably built a house on his allotment as he does appear to remain in the village. His name is among other Berrima subscribers to the Irish Relief Fund to which he subscribed 10/- in 1847.[3]

He was still in the area in 1850 when his wife, Ellen, gave birth to a son, who they also named Michael. No further record of Michael has been found.

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